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Start your own payout solution.

Secure fund transaction to bank accounts and UPI id's. Just use our Payouts Services to roll out bulk/individual payments !

  • Add beneficiary account details or UPI id and initiate the payout.
  • Effortlessly automate Bulk/Individual payouts to your stakeholders.
  • Receive instant updates and notifications on successful payment.
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Payout Link

Use basic customer information in place of bank account details to clear payments.

  • Add e-mail ID, contact, name and amount to generate the link.
  • Share the Payout Link on any platform with your payees.
  • Get acknowledgements in every step of the way.
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Account Statement

A searchable page that helps you get details of any transaction you have made, in absolutely no time.

  • One click to generate transaction history and reports.
  • Filter with any search-key parameter to track a transaction.
  • Get timely and essential details of your finances and payouts.
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Make the best use of our
full-stack Payout capabilities
Current Account
Create a free current account, the best choice for any
business account.
Fund Transfers
Effortless platform for automated/manual or bulk/individual
fund transfers
A neat and efficient display of contacts of all your
business stakeholders.
Manage Beneficiary
Add, delete, modify and manage your list of
Manage Team
Manage your team, finances and growth all
at one place.
Bulk Upload
A pro at excel? Bulk upload information and get one click
away from bulk payouts.
Make the Most of our
Products for your Businesses
As software start-up's focus on product deliverance, we ease out their burden of payroll and finances. Roamsoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd. is now powered by IppoPay’s Payouts Engine catering exactly to their needs.
Maalai Malar
Maalaimalar’s freelance writers are kept happy as IppoPay’s Payouts engine is automatically rolling out timely bulk payments in the most secure and transparent platform in line with their policies.