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Grow your network with IppoPay
International currency acceptance available
IppoPay accepts international payments over 150+currencies from countries across the globe.
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Accept international Payments with IppoPay
Open up new revenue streams by accepting international payments in all major currencies
Support multiple currencies
Make a subscription and link the customer to a plan and the rest we will work best for your integration and absolute automation.
Real-time currency conversion
IppoPay accepts international payments. Currency conversion is not required to be done by you, we do it automatically in a real-time manner.
Subscription reports
You can track all your subscriptions and
infer with a knowledgeable decisions using
dashboard reports.
Payment alert
Get notifications for all payment related to control of the business and be in full control of the business
Developer API
You can offer the option "Trial period" with a subscription plan that automatically starts charging at the end of the trial period
Safe Payments
Anti-fraud technology to keep you secure PCI- DSS compliant control of the business with the 128-bit encryption
How does it work?
Hoping to open your business for your clients across the globe? Give your business the advantage of IppoPay Payment solution.

Merchant website/ mobile

Customers can purchase the product by visiting
the merchant's mobile e-store. Multi- currencies are accepted across different payment modes.


IppoPay Marketplace

Customers can pay through IppoPay marketplace using multiple payment modes (Credit card/Debit card, Net banking etc…).


Payment Transferred

IppoPay transfers the respective amount
to the merchant's bank account in via
multiple payment modes.

Easy Invoice payments
From which currency do you want to accept payments?

You can make your business global as IppoPay supports more than 150+ major foreign currencies.

Acknowledge payments from nations all over the world. Currency conversion isn't required to be done by you; we do it automatically in a real-time. We comprehend payments more than anybody and it possibly bodes well that we support you when you take your business to the world.

You can give your business cutting edge payments framework with IppoPay International Payments. With more than 100 monetary forms upheld on the platform, experiencing the most consistent payments from any piece of the world with reliable money transformation!

Frequently Asked Questions
IppoPay Marketplace and suite of items come universally empowered.
Which currencies does IppoPay support for international payments?
Currently, we support 150+ currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, INR, and Major Countries
How does the settlement happen for international payments?
You can send a Payment Link to your customer via email, SMS, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger.
Can I accept multiple payments using Payment Links?
Universal payments are settled in INR. The exchange rate is considered according to the rate on the day and the transaction made.
Can I accept USD, UK Pounds, and Euro using Payment Links?
Yes. IppoPay provides multiple currency options so you can create payment links in other currency and get received in INR. We use real-time currency conversion.
Accept payments from countries across the world.
IppoPay accepts international payments over 150+ Countries across the globe. Currency conversion is not required to be done by you, we do it automatically in a real-time manner.
Why businesses ❤ IppoPay
Simple & superb platform for all the businesses.
Accept payments from countries across the world.

Promising technological innovation

IppoPay is a promising technological innovation that solves a teething problem of processing payments. We are excited to be part of IppoPay new tech innovation.

Roamsoft Technologies Private Limited
Focusing on opportunities, not babysitting
We help you supercharge your business with IppoPay, to the business of all classes (Newspaper boy, milk vendors, handcraft businesswomen, women dress resellers-online etc..)
  • Individuals
  • Bloggers
  • Tutors
Small agencies
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Ac technicians
Working women
  • Handcraft businesswomen
  • Online dress resellers
  • Handwoven muffler, sweater sellers
Business in rural areas
  • Milk vendors
  • Newspaper boy
  • Vegetable/ Fruits vendors
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